This morning's update on Dustin

Dustin is having surgery at noon today - they will be coming to get him soon. I'm blogging quickly with an update since so many have said they are praying for him specifically. Thank you so much, my friends!

Not much sleep last night for either of us (not that I expected any) - with people getting his vitals all night and giving him pain killers. And, his fever broke at about 3 am so we had to change everything as he and the bed were soaked. Once we changed all that and they gave him a dose of morphine we got just a little bit of rest.

With his blood work last night they found out he also has mono in addition to the MRSA (which is highly contagious - everyone coming in will now be wearing gloves/mask - I myself have not been worrying too much because I have cared for him for so long without it...although I'm not totally careless...) and tests also show anemia. So these are a few complications, but God is in control!

Right now a child psychologist is here talking to him about his hospital stay, how he "feels" (he's enjoying this a lot! She thinks he's real funny!) She asked what she could do to make his stay better...he told her he loves music. She just brought him a keyboard! Isn't that great? She said she wants him to leave here and look back on his stay with some positive things. If you have to be in a hospital, this is a good one to be in. :-)Thank you everyone for continued prayer - surgery will only be an hour or so. Anyone is welcome to call myself or his father to get an update or if you stop by, we will be in the waiting from from probably 11:00 on, and then back from surgery at about 1:30 or so on...Love to all...