Saturday, August 18, 2007

Pastor Tara tagged me...

So here I go with my answers that she asked for. To see who I've tagged, read to the end.

Accent - Mixture - Baltimore, with a little Alabama stuff throw in (Dad's influence)

Booze of choice - non fat tall latte (I don't do booze...I don't need another addiction. Food has been hard enough to get beyond, let alone liquor.)

Chore I hate - weeding, cleaning out the fridge, and doing bathrooms.

Dog or Cat - right now a dog and she seems to be my sole responsibility. (Pastor Lisa, I need your wisdom. Been meaning to ask you about this.)

Essential electronics - computer, hair dryer and flat iron

Favorite perfume(s)/cologne(s) - Halston

Gold or Silver? - White gold or silver most of the time. When I wear any leopard type prints I go with gold, though.

Hometown - Baltimore, Maryland

Insomnia? - Yes, I am a night person by nature, and then if I'm bothered about something I do stay up. However, it's not to worry anymore. I get up, read the Word and pray or write. I refuse to waste time.

Job Title - Dreamer, Wife (biggest job of all), Mom, Pastor, Writer

Kids? - three (Dustin 17, Jordan 16, Savanna 10) and one in heaven...

Living Arrangement - Florida style home, 4 br/2 bth, back lanai/patio which is my favorite place besides my bed or rocker, 5 queen palms in my front yard, 1 tangerine tree, 1 lemon tree, 1 lime tree in back. I like the way I have decorated our home but the most important thing about it is that I try to keep it with a very comfortable homey feel (warm colors, candlelight, live plants, etc.)

Most admired trait - hard to say because you're asking me what other people think verses what I think is best about myself, but if I had to select something I probably hear most from people it's that I "see things in people they don't see in themselves, pull their good qualities out, encourage, mentor and release them for ministry..."

Overnight Hospital Stays - Several- having tonsils out, having three kids, testing when I was sick a few years ago, gall bladder surgery.

Phobia - having my head underwater, bridges, some heights ; I do not ever put myself in situations where my head is underwater. Taking a bath/shower is as far as it goes. I go in the ocean and pools, but I just don't put my head all the way under. I don't freak out or anything on the bridges or heights as long as I am acting safely (driving with someone who is a good driver, up high where I'm enclosed or where there are sturdy railings, etc. such as on a balcony, etc. But I do not like things like ferris wheels. I hate them. Does not help any when I heard about the family that fell out of one and was killed this past week. Yep, it does truly happen. Does it to most? No. Can it? Yes.

Quote - "When a woman of many words says nothing, her silence is deafening." - King Monkut, Anna and the King

Religion - Christian - Pentecostal - woo woo!

Siblings - Sister (Kimberly) , Sister (Shari), Brother (Charlie)

Time I wake up - Depends what day it is. If I'm off, as late as possible ...if it's a work day, 7:30 or so.

Unusual talent/skill - Everyone's going to take this as a joke but the pathetic thing is, I'm serious about it. Okay, I do have this very unique gift. I can drive by, or into the parking lot of a McDonalds and I can tell you just by a sense of "knowing" or sort of like a sixth sense... by looking at the McDonalds whether the fries are good or not. I have done this for many years, at least 15 or so and it's pretty amazing. I was accused of being wrong once but the truth of the matter is, it was just a matter of one person getting the last batch of fries and the next getting a fresh bag. So it wasn't a pure sample, truly. At any rate, even if I was wrong, once in 15 years isn't a bad record! You can't just say, "tell me if the fries at such and such address are good..." I have to actually drive by, sometimes even drive into the parking lot, and sit there a minute, but I can tell you with certainty before ever going in if they are good or bad. My kids are usually pretty amazed by it. There are times we pull in and I say to my husband, "go on to the next McDonalds. This isn't the right one." I'm telling you, all of you are laughing right now, but I'm serious when I say this really is a gift I have.

Vegetable I refuse to eat - I like them all. No veggie I'll refuse.

Worst habit - just one? Always trying to break one. Hhmmm..the worst would have to be stress eating/binging. One time somebody stole something from our Northside office. I was so angry. I mean over the edge angry. So angry I was shaking. We knew who did it and they actually confessed to it but were not sorry. I was so angry, can't even describe the level to you but right after it happened, Pastor Aaron was coming to our house and I called him on the cell phone and said, "I CAN'T STAND IT! I CAN'T STAND IT! BRING ME A BURGER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" He gladly stopped (he's so good that way) and got me one and as soon as he walked in the door I ate it like a drug dealer would put a needle in their arm or something...I mean, it was C-R-A-Z-Y. I look back on it now and laugh (so did he!) but the truth is, it's been a long journey for me to work on not doing that constantly. I'm actually proud of myself because I'll confess in all honesty, I used to do that EVERY DAY. If I was upset about anything or anyone, I'd just eat a bag of chips over it, or down a pint of ice cream and sooth myself over it. As it was going down it was like a drug. I don't do that anymore, very rarely. God is healing me. Through seeking him, prayer, and learning from Weight Watchers and the "10 tools for living", I've come a long way. Without the power of the Holy Ghost, I truly would not make it a day though, WW or no WW. The hamburger incident was not good, and at times I still fall. But I had to say, "It's okay Deanna. You fell. Get back up. At least the last time you did that was MONTHS ago, not DAYS, and the next time if there is one will hopefully be further and further, maybe even a year, hopefully then YEARS, and one day...NEVER. That's the goal. Sometimes things happen in stages in our lives, not overnight. I believe sanctification is a process. Other than that, I agree with my Church of God friends on everything. Ha ha!!!

X-rays - lots, too many to name. When Rosemay Latortue is your doctor, she will test you on everything and anything to make sure you're alright. Truthfully I don't mind. I feel safe with her. She likes to "make sure" about things, and I'm so glad. She's a doctor I can trust.

Yummy foods I make - Pot roast with gravy, chicken and dumplings, chicken casserole, homemade rolls and biscuits, homemade breakfast rolls.

Let's see now, Tara already tagged Pastor Lisa so I can't tag her, but I am tagging...

Sharon at A Hoosier Family, Melissa at Melissa at Melissa's Quiet Time Cafe, Pastor Leanne at Musingn-Stuff.

Love you, friends!


A Hoosier Family said...

I have played along, and have the meme up on my blog. Thanks for tagging me. Rarely do I do meme's. Thanks for the tag, and letting us learn a little more about you! Blessings in the Lord on this fine day in His house!

Tara Sloan said...

Thanks for playing PD! Now, do you think your "fry discernment" will work via mobile phone? Since I've gone on WW- if I'm going to have fries- then they better be good... So if I call you and say, "Quick Deanna- how are the fries?" just know that in my own moment of weakness I have pulled into a McDonalds and need your expertise!