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My cute little curbside tables...

Here is a photo of my two cute little tables that Larry saved from the trash heap today as I detailed in my last post. Can you believe they came from the curb? Me either. So now they are in my family room. Thank you, neighbors. One person's trash is another person's treasure.

Whew. What a night! Just when I thought there couldn't be any more cooking and dishwashing...

Some of the kids (there were still three extra ones here) wanted tea, so I made a pot of Paris tea. Tim loves tea but has never had anything but regular black tea. I told him, being a tea connoisseur, I can teach him all about it. He found it interesting as I brewed the 'perfect pot of tea.' Then the kids were still hungry so I heated up some more chicken and dumplings and homemade biscuits. And they ate yet another box of mac and cheese. Finally I got all the dishes washed up and a few things prepared for tomorrow including sweet rolls and two casseroles. I have a lot of computer work to do tomrorow and I know they will be hungry again and arriving in the morning so I want to be a little more prepared. I really have to knock out a lot of work tomorrow.

Dustin was on his pain killers and really zoned out and wanted to sit in front of the TV and play Halo for a while so he did so by himself while Tim, Stephanie and Laura sat on the stools at the counter in the kitchen and talked to me for what was probably a few hours while I worked in the kitchen. It was fun. Plus I instructed them on how to make a few of my signature dishes. Tim especially enjoys the pot roast and chicken and dumplings. It's hard to believe he'll be leaving for boot camp Wednesday.

Time to do a once more tidy-up out in the family room, read a few of my favorite blogs and crash. I'm going to dream sweet dreams such as, Larry going out to the curb tomorrow morning and finding a Mustang convertible in good condition that somebody is throwing away... (lol) G'night...


Deborah said…
wish we had something like that here in Africa, others trash comes at a high cost for us in pawn shops. love the tables is almost like my coffee table my beloved father in law made when he was in high school some 45years ago. love always me
It never ceases to amaze me what people throw away. Good find Larry!

I remember driving through a neighborhood and somebody was throwing out this beautiful leather sofa!

Man we didn't have the truck at the time and there's no way we could have gotten in our Audi coupe! LOL!

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