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A look into my life today...

Getting up was a glorious experience. I had eight whole hours of sleep last night!!! Anybody who knows me very well knows I keep late hours to get everything done. And actually my best hours for working are at night. It’s when I think best and can create. But yesterday, we were at the Hampton Inn for co-hort, and the beds and the shower are SO comfortable (I’m a real fan of both Hampton Inn, and Hyatt) that you can get such a great rest if you make a point to. And, I made a point to. So glad I did.

Sunday night we had newcomers night. I was exhausted from a full day. We had a good service Sunday morning with eight people filled with the Holy Spirit! God is so good. Larry had a meeting all afternoon and Savanna and I had to go home and clean for newcomer’s night. With being away speaking on Fri/Sat I never got to it. So we had to go home right away after service. She said, “Momma, I know you’re tired. Go ahead and take a nap.” (Sometimes, she’s not only brilliant, but kind…) I went in to take a power nap before busting through and cleaning and when my alarm went off she came in and said, “Momma, I’m getting a lot done. Sleep a little extra.” So I did! Talk about incredible. It was better than hitting the lotto. You know, sometimes at this stage of one's life sleep is such a valuable commodity you'd rather have it than anything. I got up a little bit later. There was still a lot to do, HOWEVER, she did AT LEAST half of it! Sometimes your kids can just make you so proud. This was one of those times.

So I got up, did the rest of the cleaning and we had the newcomers over. I did get some packing done for cohort but not all of it. Went to sleep and had an early morning, getting packed and to Lauderdale in time for the meeting. We had a good meeting and went out afterwards to dinner with at least half the people from our group and Russ had us laughing so hard at dinner I literally cried all my make-up off. He told a story that was perhaps one of the most funny “church stories” I have ever heard. I’m going to tell it here for you readers…and if anybody’s offended, don’t tell me. Just call up Pastor Russ Jones in Palm City and chastise him over it. Okay…

A few years ago in his wife’s home church in Indiana on a Sunday night, the pastor asked if anyone had a testimony. An older gentleman who was often known for long testimonies raised his hand. The pastor said, “Bro. Jim,” (or whatever his name was)…”go ahead but please keep it brief.” So he said, “Okay, I’ll be quick pastor. I just wanted to give praise to the Lord for his protection over us. The other night my wife and I were laying in bed and a huge chunk of plaster fell from the ceiling and hit me right on the back of the head, and we’re just so grateful because if it didn’t hit me on the back of the head it would have hit my wife right in the face!”

The whole congregation started laughing and couldn’t stop. Finally the pastor had the associate go up to the pulpit and pray to close out the service and he went out the side door of the platform to his office and broke down in uncontrollable laughter. Is that not one of the funniest things you have ever heard?! So when Russ tells this story, I am laughing so hard I’m crying into my napkin at Carrabbas. Actually I had already laughed myself silly over some other things which I probably shouldn’t blog in it’s entirety for the protection of others. But I will just say what I can safely to illustrate just one funny thing.

A teaching was going on and it was supposed to be a totally serious time but everyone took some things about it funny so we were trying not to laugh. Pastor Gary (Gray) always thinks about slaughtering pigs when he wants to keep a straight face. Now, that right there makes me crack up. He says he just says, “slaughter pigs, slaughter pigs,” in his mind and imagines it and it grosses him out and helps him keep a straight face. So here he is in the midst of this teaching trying to do that. And then Larry pulls out his cell phone with the photo he has on there of me holding a real pigs head, that I was lifting up when I was “picking” the pig a few weeks ago that we had roasted for the latin festival. And they see me with this pigs head and absolutely crack up. So funny.

We actually didn’t get back too late and I crashed at the hotel and slept for a whole wonderful eight hours and then woke up to the incredible shower at the hotel. I could just stay in there forever – it’s like a back massage. After cohort we went to Primanti’s with Russ and Betty. And then I talked them into stopping by a thrift store on the way home and I picked up another tea set. I know, I need that like a hole in the head but quite truthfully I will use it! (I use all of my teapots, no matter how many I have.)

Co-hort featured two topics this time – public relations again and then our second day was just for coaches and we got further training on coaching. We even did some role playing and stuff and it was pretty fun. Everyone comments that no matter how good the teaching is – the smorgasboard of ideas is even better. There really is nothing like the interaction between everyone there and sharing where we’re at in our journey and what needs to happen next in our ministries, and how to get there. Truthfully, some of the relationships in co-hort kept me sane during certain times…I don't know how I would have navigated some issues without them.

Well, we’re home again now and came home to a mess. Such is life. We have company coming tomorrow night but at this time I am too tired to care. Thankfully they are friends who will understand, I’m sure. I have a few days off coming unless hindered by Satan.

(I Thessalonians 2:18 “Wherefore we would have come unto you, even I Paul, once and again; but Satan hindered us.”)

It even happened to Paul, just as it happens to us, although he didn’t face exactly the same emergencies, never the less stuff still happened. And I plan on praying against that. I realize people never plan these things – they can’t help it – but I know Satan DOES. (Because he honestly hates pastors having a day off. It’s part of his plan just as Daniel 7:25 says, his plan is to wear us out.) So hopefully – in Jesus name - we’re covered for some impending down time.

And this, my friends, is a look into my life, for today. TTYL


Deborah said…
Hi there hope you have a wonderful time with your company coming over, glad you had some good zzzz. love always me
Deborah said…
Hi there hope you have a wonderful time with your company coming over, glad you had some good zzzz. love always me
Our District is introducing Church Life Cohorts in September. My hubby and I are going to be a part of Dr. Lee's group. We are very excited and looking forward to great things.

Blessings to you today!
I think you'll love it! Best of all is the interaction with others around the table, at least it has been with our group. We have learned a lot from each other and helped one another through a lot of things in the past 2 years.
Loved the stories and the fact that we can have fun together.I have embarrassed myself several times in front of church folks--it is nice we can look back and laugh about it.
Glad you have a little relaxation time coming up.
We will be throwing a birthday party for my pastor this weekend. Looking forward to a relaxing time with some of the congregation.Everyone is invited--good thing we go to a small church. :)
Enjoy your visitors.
Michele said…
Thanks for the story on Pastor Gray- I will remember that when I am trying to be serios and he thinks its funny.
Anonymous said…
ONe of my favorite things is to laugh my head off with dear friends...Your stories are hilarious!!!!!
Blessings today...

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