Interesting clothing line for women pastors

Look at this t-shirt I found for sale at a women in ministry website. Hysterical! Not sure if I want to order one or not, though. It may draw more attention to my backside and this is an area I really don't want anyone looking at any more than they already may. (I don't exactly have "buns of steel" no matter how hard I work out!)

I do have to give kudos to these gals for creativity, though. I did sweatshirts a while back on my site and they just said had our slogan ("the international source for women in ministry") and then "'s who I am, it's what I do!" on the back. But this has me thinking about some other things I might create...hmmmm...the ideas are churning even at this moment.


Deb said…
You know, you might enjoy meeting the women who actually WEAR that shirt...

Or my place.

God has a sense of humor... and it's good to have one if you are a woman pastor!