Good day in the house

Today was a historic day at Northside. It was the first day of our services being interpreted in Spanish! It went excellent. We use headsets for anyone who needs interpretation and they pick them up in the info center. Candy Rivera did the interpreting today. With how loud Larry preaches, she was in sanctuary A room and we (the english speaking people without the headphones) couldn't even hear her as she interpreted! Perfect!!! I believe we could really feel the presence of God today as well...just good service all around...I'm looking forward to getting all the "stats" on it as far as numbers, but the most important stuff, I already know!

We had lunch with the Riveras, Garlands, and Coopers. Delightful families. Yummy spanish food at Pipo's. We had Back to School Bash tonight. Larry and Savanna and Jordan went but I stayed back with Dustin. He's still not at 100% but he's doing good. When I came home from lunch I crashed on the bed for several HOURS. I was so tired. Since I know I'm not getting any time off this week, I'm just looking at my sleep as what I must savor...every little bit of it that I might get extra such as today's nap. It was...simply wonderful.

We still hadn't gotten Savanna and Jordan's school shoes. Larry took them after the bash to get them. Back packs are officially packed. Lunches are made. Clothes are lined up. School starts tomorrow.

I'm glad to get back to routine.

It's a crazy busy time these next eight days with All Church Ministries Conference, Church Life Co-horts, and then getting home the next day and Randy & Dawn coming. If I can just make it to labor day weekend when I can get some time off to breathe...