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Don't waste your breath

Proverbs 23:9 says, "Don't waste your breath on fools, for they will despise the wisest advice."

Just winding things up for the night, getting ready to go to sleep, get up early in the morning and head to the All Church Ministries Conference to give two workshops tomorrow, and then again on Saturday. One of them is on mentoring. I am going to speak about how to mentor but I am also going to caution those who are mentors that they must be careful not to invest poorly. I believe strongly that people need to qualify for mentorship. What I mean by this is that one is not automatically mentored - they must qualify by the condition of their heart, their commitment, their actions. Here are some of my main points I'm going to give tomorrow about making sure one qualifies for mentorship:

1) Pray - ask God to prepare your heart to receive from them.

2) Develop a teachable spirit. Why would God give you a mentor if you are not really eager to learn?

3) Develop a habit of learning from every conversation.

4) Realize, how much you learn depends far more on you than your mentor. (It depends on how receptive you are to their instruction. You can lead a horse to can't make them drink.)

5) If you are too full of yourself, there is no room for you to learn anything else. A person such as this simply can't be helped by mentorship.

6) We see from others who were teachable or lacked a teachable spirit just how our course is determined. There are no shortage of examples in the Bible, and all around us.

7) Everyone will see this truth at some point - the question is - HOW QUICKLY will they see it?

8) You must qualify for mentorship or you will not be able to keep a mentor. A wise mentor does not keep investing in those who do not respect their wisdom.

And that, my friends, are just a few points that I'm bringing tomorrow. I'm also doing a teaching called, "God's Wonder Woman." I was asked to share on that topic. Can you guess what it's about? Well, let me give you a description of the workshop as they have written it in the conference book:

Do you sometimes look at various people and wonder, "how do they do it all?" Some people seem to have their hand in every endeavor imaginable and they make it look effortless. Behind the scenes there are some key factors as to how such people manage to balance it all. Come to this workshop and learn principles to maximize your time.

Um, do any of you have any suggestions on what I should say about this? I'm sitting here with a blank paper...

Just kidding! All my mega notes are tucked away and I'm ready to share. I will bring some of it to you, my blog readers, when I get back and have time to blog. Enjoy your Friday! It will be "fun" for me, but I'll be away from home this week, not having my usual "fun Friday" with Larry.


I pray that the words you speak will be straight from the throne of God. That as you open your mouth you will be learning yourself as HE speaks through your mouth. May you enjoying His filling from the tips of your toes to the top of your head. Set her on fire Lord with Your presence.
Have a great time.
Anonymous said…
THIS is exactly why I love your blog!!!!!!!! Alicia Britt Chole first introduced me to the power of mentoring (being mentored, that is). Since then, I've always made it a point to find various women in my life who have qualities and strengths about them that I can learn from :o)...
If you don't mind...I think I'm going to link this post to mine in a couple of days!!!!!

In the meantime, you are invited to my online Birthday Party :0)
Come and see how you can participate in celebrating the 32 years that God has blessed me with!

Deborah said…
Deanna you are a true encouragement to me. I have had a look at all of these and have asked myself the questions am I willing to be mentored? not always an easy one for someone that has lead a work and now is having to follow when leading comes so naturally to me. really enjoyed this my friend. love always me

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