Sunday, July 01, 2007

Larry withdrawals...

Today was a very good day in the house at Northside. I was very pleased with how the service went this morning and also our couples night of ministry tonight.

I only had about 3 hours sleep last night - for some reason even though it was my first night home and my bed felt wonderful - I was just getting back into routine and just couldn't sleep. But God is faithful to empower at times like that. It's not like I was trying to stay up - and I wasn't worried or anything, just dealing with general insomnia. At times like that, Savanna says, "Mommy, you need Lunesta!" Kids these days...

Did I mention I love Larry?

God talked to me about something last night regarding that. I don't tell him enough that I love him. I came to that shocking revelation. You see, it always feels like I'm saying it enough because I do say it everyday but I realize most times I say it second. He's the first most times to say I love you, and I respond back, "I love you too..." It's not that I don't say it or don't mean it - just that most times he beats me to the punch. So I have to come up with times I know he's not going to say it to me so I can be the first to say it to him.

I miss him already. I know that's ridiculous on some counts - I mean, I've been with him all day today (around others) however it's just a stark difference from how the past 4 days has been. I love having that much Larry. I feel like I'm going through withdrawals.

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