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Hurry and get something done - you might get hit by a car tomorrow.

“In the end, you’re measured not by how much you undertake but by what you finally accomplish.” - Donald Trump

I read this today and it struck a chord with me. I have heard it said that nobody becomes well known or is remembered for what you're going to do. I guess yet another way to say it is that the road to hell is paved with good intentions.

And finally ..."faith without works is dead..." James 2:26

I love the way different authors put this and I've always had a realization of the importance of it in my life. Not that I've been perfect. I have just always been aware of the fact that nobody is going to give me any brownie points for what I intend to do.

Everywhere I turn, there are friends of mine who say things like, "Someday I should to write a book..." or

"I've thought about hosting a conference..." or

"my husband and I need to start dating and improve our relationship..."

but until they do, none of it really means diddly squat. It's all just words breathed out into the air that evaporate.

When I read a book on writing by Jim Denney last summer he talked about the difference between one being called to write and one who is not. He mentioned that there are scores of people who say, "One day I should write a book," yet a select group of called people who actually write books whether anyone will read them or not - they are driven, morning - noon - and night to write. It is a call deep in the soul of them that just won't relent, won't let go. When I read his book it was with tears streaming down my face that I realized so many things, namely that I am as called to write as I am to full time church ministry and that everything full time writers do, I am already doing with very few exceptions. To me it was just "life"...I didn't know one had to read about it to start doing it - it was just instinctive to me.

People always ask me how certain things have come about in my life and really at the heart of it is this - when I get an idea, I immediately set on making it a reality and doing whatever I have to do to make it happen. Staying up late or rising early is of no consequence. Sacrificing is a given. Not waiting for somebody to push me is essential. If you have to have somebody motivate you to do something you won't accomplish anything of much grandeur on this earth. Because the truth of the matter is, 99% of people don't want you succeeding them. It's a rare find just to find a friend who will jump up and down with you and celebrate your successes without turning green. No friend, if you are going to get something done it's probably going to be running along on your own fuel with a giant dose of help and direction from the Holy Ghost.

Dr. Lee always tells us that all we have to go on is what a person has DONE, not what they tell you they are GOING to do. That has stuck with me from the moment he said it. I want to be a person that people can give a list if asked of all that I've accomplished in life and for God's glory, not stand at my grave and wistfully say, "she had so many plans, so many goals..."

Over the 40 years I've lived so far many people have told me, "SLOW DOWN, honey. You have a lifetime to pursue things and to accomplish." The same people preach sermons where they say, "Tomorrow is not guaranteed! Today is the day of salvation! (Years ago as the piano and organ played on Sunday nights, we always heard, "One of you might leave this service tonight and be hit by a car!" Of course we were all terrified. I remember as a kid being saved yet still scared to death...." I stood there during altar call thinking, "maybe it's ME who will get hit by the car!" I'd bite my nails all the way out of that service! (Stop laughing, Kim) :-)

Anyway my point is this... you can't have it both ways. Either you have all the time in the world to get stuff done, or life is truly short. I tend to go with what the Bible says. And it says that life is but a vapor. Truly no one is guaranteed tomorrow. We don't have a bunch of time to get things accomplished. Growing up in a fiery Pentecostal atmosphere is what has driven me somewhat. When I was growing up they preached hell fire and brimstone like truly we could be zapped off the earth tomorrow. While that did scare me a bit growing up it also did something else for me. It made me feel as if time was running out so much that I needed to hurry up and get everything done that was in my heart to do. While now I don't serve the Lord because I'm afraid of being hit by a car (I've matured a bit and realized the main reason we should accept and serve him is not because we are afraid, but because we realize how much he loves us - as the Bible says, it's "His kindness that leads us to repentance...") I still have the drive within me to hurry and accomplish because the time is short.

I don't wait to write a book.

I don't wait to host a conference.

I don't wait to date my husband (or wear the Victoria's Secret clothes once I have a 'perfect body'!)

Because if I don't act NOW I might not ever get the chance. And when a dream is birthed in my heart, I want to chase it with all my might. Just this week, three new ideas/dreams were birthed in my heart. They all go along with my life goals. (My written out life goals/vision for my life help me define what dreams I should pursue and what will bring me the greatest return during this time I have on earth.) I'm already working on them - doing tangible things to bring it about.

Reading this quote from Donald Trump I've also realized a few things I let slip through the cracks. Things I need to pick up...and complete. So I will.

NOW IS THE TIME to pursue. NOW is the time to chase God with all our might.

Now is the time to LOVE WITH ALL OUR HEART.

Now is the time to pursue our dreams.

Nobody cares about all my initiatives unless I actually accomplish them with excellence.

Quick! The proof of desire is in your pursuit! Cars are out there in abundance on the roads, (except mine, LOL!) so START ACCOMPLISHING! Seize the day!


Deborah said…
this has really inspired me today. We always want to do something but its not until we step out of that boat that we are truly going to do something. Rick Godwin said that people in troubled marriages are all crying for help but none of them do something about it, they are actually happy in the misery. love always me

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