Saturday's outreach

Well, it’s over and it was a success! Our theme was “Flip Flop” and I talked about the fact that God wants to do a flip flop in your life. I centered the message around Paul's experience. The rain tried to stop us, but didn’t succeed. It was still a rip roaring success! The women’s team did an awesome job. Due to the accident, I couldn’t be there on the final set up night Friday night. That’s the first time that has ever happened as far as me missing something like that, but my team is better than I’ve ever had and it showed. They handled things expertly. They had it all ready to go.

I was delighted that the St. Pete Times sent a photographer that covered most of the day. He shadowed me for about an hour or two and just snapped hundreds of pictures. His name was Dan and he was so nice, so kind. He said he thought the event was incredible! I love it when even a man says that about a “chick” thing. So cool.

Dustin and Stephen were there serving (Jordan too, as always), and Dustin and Stephen sang a song I asked them to sing and played guitar. They were so cute. :-)

We had many ladies commit their lives to Christ, and more came forward for healing, a closer walk with God, etc. I believe many lives were changed.

We had more gifts from community businesses than we have had in a long time. This year we went aggressively after them, and had at least triple the amount from the community as we had last year. That is the core of where I want us to get the gifts from. The ladies enjoy those gift certificates so much.

It was a good day…a very good day.


Congrats on such a great event!
Tara Sloan said…
How awesome! I did pray for you on saturday. I know that this event is at the core of your heart!