Momma's Chocolate Eyes

Here are my son Dustin’s senior pictures. Isn’t he the most handsome boy in the world? He is…

Momma’s chocolate eyes
Chocki Woki
Charlie Chipmunk
Dusty Busty
Beeber Teeber
and so many more!

They say the more nicknames you have for your kids, the more they are loved. Mine are really loved. I have a zillion nicknames for each of them.

Okay, so I talk about Dustin all the time. It’s hard not to. I’m so proud of him. Just some words to describe him are: kindhearted, creative – (extremely creative), a wordsmith, emotional, (although nobody dare call him ‘emo’ – he hates that!), responsible, handsome, smart, musical, computer genius, a reader, a writer, affectionate, hysterical, pure, Godly.

Can you see why his Momma thinks the sun rises and sets with him?