In Memory


Joy Gratefulness Shrodes

2003 - 2007

Joy Gratefulness Shrodes was born in 2003 at the Ford Mustang Factory. She is survived by her owner, Deanna Doss Shrodes, and her co-owner, Larry E. Shrodes, both of Tampa, as well as their children, Dustin Michael, Jordan Andrew and Savanna Rose Shrodes.

Joy Gratefulness became disabled on June 3, 2007 after a tragic accident on Lake Magdalene Blvd. in Tampa, at the Avila Entrance. She hung in the balance between life and death until June 19 when Master's Collision did all they could to help her, but the Allstate Corporation took her off of vehicular support, totaled her, and allowed her to pass on.

She has donated her organs to a local junk yard, where other owners will be able to enjoy parts of Joy Gratefulness that will bring new life to their vehicles.

Joy Gratefulness was named such because she gave her owner such joy after having waited for a car for 38 years after much financial sacrifice in the ministry. When her owner received her, she realized what a blessing she was and was so grateful, thus her middle name. She was never taken for granted one day of her life. Her owner remains grateful for the years she had with her and only has fond memories to look back on.

In leiu of flowers or donations, the family requests only your prayers as they seek God's guidance for their vehicular future.

Private interrment will take place in Lutz, FL on June 20, with the immediate family.