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Coconut Point ~ Day 1

Here are some photos of this absolutely beautiful place where we are the next three days. I am so blessed to be here. I love everything about Hyatt…the d├ęcor, the beds (most comfortable sleep you will ever have in your life), the pool, the restaurants, etc. All just amazing. I thought I would put a chronicle of my days here...minus some of the details of course. :-)

I got up this morning earlier than I wanted to – I was up late getting so many last minute things done, but I needed to get to my nail place first thing. I was shocked when I walked in to see Mai there. (She always does my pedi’s) I thought she was on her 1-month vacation in Vietnam, which was one reason I was kinda “ugh” about this time but there she was! I got her just in the nick of time. She is all packed and ready to leave for Vietnam but is working today. She was really so happy for me about my anniversary. Lisa did my fill as usual. She loved my ring. Couldn’t believe I’ve been married for 20 years – her and Mai were amazed. Lisa was all excited to give me a nail design that matches my ring. (I always get free designs because I am such a good and regular customer.) The funniest thing did happen while I was there. I was sitting back in the massage chair (they just got new ones that do your entire body, not just your back - and they are wonderful.) I've got my eyes closed as I'm sitting there feeling the massage with Mai working on my feet and all of a sudden I hear an elderly lady yell, "OH MY GOSH, THIS CHAIR IS HORRIBLE! IT'S GRABBING MY BEHIND! GET ME OUT OF THIS THING!!!" My eyes fly open and I see her trying to wrangle out of this chair and she's all in a tizzy. So Linda (Lisa's daughter) says , "Mam, it's just the massager..." and puts it on another setting. The woman yells louder, "don't you understand? This chair is all lumpy! Turn that thing off! I want out of here!' I'm trying hard not to bust out laughing. She had no idea what these chairs were all about but she wasn't about to find out. (What a blessing she missed...) so they had to take other chair pads they had in the store...cover up the seat and the back with them so she couldn't feel anything, and turn the massager off. Once they did she says, "OH THANK GOD!" and falls back into the seat to get her feet done. It was so funny. Mai and were trying not to laugh ourselves to pieces over the whole thing. Anyway -

With going back to being a one car family we were juggling stuff this morning so Larry dropped me off to get my nails done and took Dustin to open an account at the bank. They picked me up afterwards and we had lunch together. Dustin got a new haircut and hates it but I love it because I can see his face. Last night I said, “Now I can see your beautifully chiseled features.” Why that made him laugh, I don’t know.

So Larry and I took off for Naples right after that. And guess what – I don’t have my briefcase with me. Wow. This is the first trip I’ve ever taken without it. I have my computer, but not to work. Only to read. I quickly run out of books. I have several books and magazines with me but I go through all of them in just a few short hours time. Of course I have my Bible and stuff but I read a lot in addition to my devotions. One things I have always loved about the computer is that as long as I always have it with me I always have something to read (with wireless internet). I do a ton of my reading on there as there is no shortage of everything from news all around the world to articles about ministry, Writer’s Market on line, women’s ministry websites, and… (dare I say it?) SHOPPING!

Larry and I got here and decided to go casual tonight for dinner because we were not in the mood to dress up after the three hour car ride. I called the nicest restaurant here at Hyatt and got a reservation for us for tomorrow night. We are really excited about going there. Meanwhile we stayed in casual clothes and headed over to a local place called "Rodes" which is known for having what many describe as the best seafood in town. We had crab cakes and lobster ravioli. It was a nice quiet dinner and then we went down the street to a recommended ice cream place called "Scoops" - where they have incredible homemade ice cream. We decided to sit outside on the porch and enjoy it together. Then we came back to Hyatt and walked around the whole property just to make our plans for tomorrow. This is a huge resort. There are three pools here, jacuzzi, water slides, a rock climbing wall, a pier (we saw an alligator tonight and a large turtle), a board walk out in the wetlands, tons of areas to sit in - some even relatively secluded, a hammock (we got in it for a while tonight and just laid there talking. There is a deserted island here that they have a boat that takes you to and from it every 1/2 hour. We're probably doing that tomorrow. They also have a trolley that takes you to various places all throughout the day. Suffice it to say there is a ton of stuff to do here not to mention sleeping in late, ordering room service, etc.

Most of all I am just wanting to spend quiet uninterrupted time together. Hours at a time where I know I am not going to have a phone ring, or hear, "Mom, can you take me to the store?" or something like that.

We have a balcony off of our room with some chairs and a table. I'm loving sitting here right now (we are on the 9th floor...) looking out over this beautiful area. So glad to be here, and logging off tonight...

Just think, twenty years ago all this fun started and today it's more fun than ever.


Alida Sharp said…
Congrats on 20 years!!

I remember that anniversary as being one of our most special ones.

I pray that you have the time of your lives together!


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