As Ross Perot would say, "Sheeer Genius!"

Don't laugh - I actually do this! It drives my husband crazy. I put my laptop up on the edge of my garden tub as I am taking a bath and check mail as I'm in there or write. I know, it's crazy. But when I say I love writing and reading, I mean it. Anyway, when I saw this pic I instantly thought of me. So anyway, guess what I just did? It's 1:21 am and I just finished a book! Not reading one...writing one - in one night. Don't believe me? It's true and it's not just a bunch of whooey or sloppy's pretty decent if I do say so myself.

Can't say exactly what it is yet...too many Northsiders read my blog. :-)

But I will say this - it's something extra special...coming up at the best kept secret in Tampa Bay............Northside Assembly of God!

I had to finish this before we went on our 20th anniversary getaway this week. I simply don't want to take my work with me. This is way too special of a time for us and I don't want to spend it doing anything else than sitting by the pool, picking out a fruity drink, and...staying in bed a lot, of course. :-)

Soooooooooooooooo....I spend about eight hours tonight getting this monster project done. Straight, without a break - not even a potty break. I just realized...I really have to go. So TTFN!