Women's Ministries PJ Party Promo

We do video announcements at our church each Sunday morning. For today's video, we did a funny announcement for our women's ministries pajama party that is upcoming. The people loved it. To see our antics, check it out on YouTube here... it's the third announcement...ya can't miss it. Cathy, Pastor Lindsay and I had a great time doing it, with Pastor T's help of course. That's right my friends, you can click here and let the fun begin.

By the way, our women's ministries is probably one of the least typical if not the least typical you have ever heard of, and this party is...well, off the chain. Let's put it this way, just one thing that goes on is salsa dancing til' 3 am. And that, my friends, is just one facet of the evening, aside from the food galore, chocolate, karaoke, swimming, chick flics or whatever else strikes our fancy.

By the way, just to let you in on the "inside joke" - the man we mention on the video, Eddie Winchester, is a fun guy in our church! (Debbie's husband!)