Taping of Freshope

Tonight Cathy and I traveled to Inverness, FL where I did a taping of the show, "Freshope." Pastor Donna Sallee is the host of the show...she is co-pastor of Christ Way Fellowship Church of God there in Inverness. I've known her for five years through my pastoring partners ministry. (www.pastoringpartners.com) She is pictured here with her husband, Pastor Paul Sallee, and then with Cathy and I.

Freshope is her new show and it's really taking off. It's not only shown in Florida but all over America on Christian networks. I will let everyone know when it's going to air in the next few weeks. It will be on SkyAngel, CTN, etc. Anyhoo...

She interviewed me about co-pastoring, ministry challenges, our upcoming "Unstoppable " Women in Ministry Conference that we are hosting here in Tampa, and lots more. We had a fantastic time! Afterwards we went out to dinner with she and her husband, and some of their team who produce the show. We went to Ruby Tuesday and stayed for a few hours talking and just didn't want to leave we were enjoying the conversation so much. But finally about 9:30 or so we left as Cathy and I had about an hour's drive back and we needed to get home and get some rest as we have to travel first thing to Richland in the morning for the women's event.

Driving there was quite an experience. I mapquested the directions and they gave me the shortest route. However it was through the country, and I do mean the country. Miles and miles of NOTHING. Then when we came to something it was little tiny diners, one that was called "Maw Maw's cooking". (No kidding) There were little teeny "motels" and little storefronts with old fashioned Coca Cola signs in the windows, and horse farms and all kinds of stuff. I was beginning to think..."uh, WHERE is this place, and...WHERE is she taking us to eat?" Finally we came upon a town and behold there was...life. But Cathy and I sure did have fun seeing everything in these little towns we went through. They gave us directions on the way home that were a little longer but we got to 75 quickly and then had a mostly lit ride home versus being on dark, windy country roads.

Now we're home and it's about 11:15...

I have the house to myself. After work night at the church, Larry took the kids to a late movie. So after feeding Geena and giving her medication (she has a bad yeast infection - that's what's wrong with her -- we have 3 kinds of meds for her for the next month)...it's now time for me to go over my message again for in the morning, have some more prayer time, and get ready to get up and change the world.