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Nobody has a clue how powerful prayer really is

This is probably the smoothest preparation for this outreach that we have EVER had. I believe it's due to the spirit and caliber of our leaders, and more so, the fact that God is faithful and His favor is awesome. It's going to be a good day Saturday.

I'm winding down out here on the patio. It's a beautiful breezy night. I should have walked, but confess, I didn't. I worked at the office til' 7 pm on stuff for Saturday. Then Dustin came and drove Savanna and I to the grocery store. We shopped til' 8 and then I came home to my "second job" where I got some other things done. Finally I've finished cleaning the kitchen and I'm out here with the Lord. And it feels so good to be sitting here.

Today was a good day. We got so much accomplished. Our staff really is amazing. With this particular outreach I am now to a point where there is no explaining to do, we just go about what needs to be done, knowing it like a well oiled machine, basically. Still we do some new innovative things each year. Pastor T is amazing. He has helped take things to a techno level that we've never been at before. Today we went over all that and I'm so pleased with everything. He also whipped up a ton of newcomer DVD's for me at the drop of a hat, when he had so much else on his plate. We decided to give these to our first time guests instead of brochures this year, however we had almost run out of what we gave out at Easter. We are notorious on our staff for deciding at the last moment, "let's do something that's going to put us over the edge but really make the day more special..." Things are going real well to this point where I will actually be able to spend more time in prayer than I ever have! I even moved the "finish" time tomorrow night up 30 minutes to give me more time. I'm very pleased with this. Tomorrow I meet with Dr. and Mrs. Kuert, however even with that and the final set up it still leaves me much time to get in the zone. Yes!!!

Right now I'm reading II Corinthians 1, and a simple verse that I never really gave much attention to stuck out to me tonight...verse 11 ~ "as you help us by your prayers...then many will give thanks on our behalf for the gracious favor granted us in answer to the prayers of many."

Prayer is so powerful, nobody really has a clue I believe (including me) as to just how much it accomplishes in the earth. Lately instead of praying just what comes to mind and is on my heart, I have stuck to a definite list each day and drilled certain things in prayer, daily, relentlessly. I am open to God bringing other things to mind but my point is, I keep some things, beyond my family which is a constant, also consistent each day. The past two weeks, I've seen some real answers to prayer from that list. The first was that God's will be done in the Miami trip. There were some real breakthroughs there. Then I have been praying for my trip to Africa and some things have taken place with that that have really been great. (more later) And then I have been praying every day for little Hunter, a baby at our church who possibly had cancer. The tests came back - no cancer. It's benign and very small. Now we just have to pray it competely OUT. I can basically cross them off the list however I am not yet, because I want to pray them through to absolute completion and protect what has been gained through intercession. Even though the Miami retreat is over, I have prayed that what the ladies received will not be stolen from them by the enemy and the cares of this world.

Today I went to intercessory prayer at our church..."Hand to Hand Combat" is what it's called. The ladies anointed me and prayed over me, and then we prayed for the outreach and some other stuff. It was a powerful time where I really sensed God in a strong way as I walked with him the rest of the day. The prayer of agreement is so powerful and of course praying in God's will. (The reason I pray in the spirit so much...) I can't wait to see what God will do on Saturday. We've got some great God-ideas up our sleeve, and a ton of unsaved people coming! Now what could be better than that?

Got to go...Savanna wants me to come in and snuggle up and watch TV for a while. And then I'll spend some time with my man. Only my time with the Lord is better than that!


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