Ministering Angels

I love the way God is so personal.

Tonight I went out on the patio to pray. In addition to my Bible, I had Come Away My Beloved (Frances J. Roberts) with me. The chapter I read was amazingly on time.

I had just been talking to God the past few days, asking him to provide three miracles of provision I need in ministry. Without Him, I'll be a flop and be put to shame. But He's assured me I won't be, because I'm trusting completely in Him and not trusting in my abilities. (His Word says that those who trust in Him will never be put to shame...I Peter 1:6)

In addition to talking to God about those things that concern me, I just had a conversation with Him about me not taking the conventional route. My desire is to accomplish different things than the same old stuff everybody else is accomplishing. It seems like everybody fights for the same dream at times, when God wants to give you your own dream, I believe.

I told God of my desire to only invest the rest of my life in things that are actually going to matter. I believe God has called me to dispense with any worry or concern with things that aren't making a difference and to pour myself out to minister to those who really need it. As I sat on my swing to pray, God immediately brought a friend, a pastor's wife, to mind. We're not real close, in fact the extent of our relationship is that we have met and I've been to her church to preach. But as I sat on the swing, God immediately flashed her face before me and gave me a word of encouragement for her. (which I knew I had to come in and deliver personally to her by e-mail).

Right after God flashes a vision of her face before me and gives me this word, I open Come Away My Beloved and this is what I read:

Ministering Angels

"O my soul, be anxious for nothing. It is enough that your Father loves you. Loving you. He takes thought of your smallest need. Surely He will not allow you to be put to shame, and He will not be unconcerned when you are in any kind of need.

Always turn to Him before you look to any other source of assistance. It is His love that will guide your path, so that you may be guided by finding other help. Surely He has given you ministering angels, who may sometimes come to you in the form of your friends. Accept their help as from God, and your blessing will be doubled. You may also, in turn, be used in similar manner to bless others.

Look not only to the physical for the transmission of spiritual energy. Divine life can flow out to others through your thoughts, the same as through your hands. Use My power, and let it flow out in any form I choose as I direct and guide you. You may multiply your ministry a hundred fold in this way. Be not limited by your present knowledge, but move in and learn more from Me."

Isn't God totally amazing?