How fast do we want things to happen?

Tonight I was out on my patio reading Secrets of the Secret Place by Bob Sorge (our life coaching group is doing it) and also reading the Word & praying. The life coaching group, including myself are way ahead at chapter 16, but I go back and read as I see fit at times when I need to key in on something specific for me.

As I was reading the chapter on intercession, I loved the part that said, "Intercession accelerates God's purposes in the earth. ..There are many things God has purposed for this planet, and they will most certainly happen; the only question is, will they happen in and with and through us? Will we participate? God's purposes will happen, but they will not happen sooner."

I have always been an "I needed it yesterday" person. I stand at the microwave and tap my foot and say, "hurry up" when I'm heating up something. I don't like to wait to see things once I have a vision of it. I know patience is a virtue, but I also think sometimes we do wait needlessly. We could see things happen a lot sooner if we only prayed more.

I have been praying a lot more lately and expecting very big things. I've seen a lot of answers to prayer over my lifetime. The difference is that now, I'm praying more and...I'm expecting it sooner.