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101 things about me you might or might not care to know

1) I love chocolate.
2) I had to drop out of kindergarten, I was so sick.
3) Guilty Pleasure: Reading women’s magazines
4) Obsession: Taking another picture of myself if I lose a pound and my face is a little bit skinnier. (and getting rid of the old one.)
5) It’s a very good thing I’m married.
6) I love pink.
7) I love disco.
8) I love seafood.
9) I hate licorice.
10) I love roses.
11) I love learning. I have several mentors, I’m in life coaching, and I’m still in school.
12) I’m a speed reader.
13) I type 130 words a minute.
14) I go mental if people slurp their soup or their cereal. I am not kidding when I say I start shaking and have to leave the room. Just ask my husband. I’m serious.
15) I’m afraid of deep water, or anything that even looks like it might be deep water.
16) I would rather be in the ocean than a pool. (If you are pushed in the ocean, you just stand up and walk out – if you are pushed in a pool, it might be deep. The factor here? CONTROL.)
17) I can sometimes be a control freak. I know, you’re shocked.
18) I also shake and have to leave the room when I’m around lazy people. I’ve been in counseling several times for this.
19) I love coffee and hot tea.
20) I love having long conversations with friends.
21) I hate when friends move away.
22) I do anything to avoid a goodbye.
23) I really wish Condi Rice would run for president.
24) If my kitchen is not clean when I wake up it makes me sort of depressed.
25) I love to cook.
26) My least favorite chores are weeding, cleaning out the refrigerator or the bathrooms.
27) I don’t mind doing dishes.
28) I’m so challenged at math, it’s an embarrassment. Larry has always had to help all three kids with their math homework.
29) I love all other school subjects.
30) I am crazy about country music.
31) I don’t like getting dirty. When I was a kid, my parents could put me outside all day and I would come back in just as clean as when they first put me out there. I never sat in the dirt. Not ever.
32) I love to meet new people. Walking into a room where I don’t know anybody has never scared me, in fact it sort of excites me.
33) I love The Partridge Family and The Brady Bunch.
34) When I was a young teen, I used to think David Cassidy was the hottest man alive.
35) I love to roller skate.
36) I like to ice skate.
37) I like to do aerobics.
38) I love to walk.
39) I don’t like team sports.
40) I love to try most anything new.
41) I will try anything once but if I don’t like it I usually never go back and do it again.
42) If I don’t think I will excel at something I usually absolutely hate trying it, because I don’t like to lose.
43) I have been in counseling several times, and I really don’t care who knows it or what they think. It’s the best thing I ever did.
44) I love sunsets.
45) I find joy in little things in life and often see little things as big things.
46) I’ve always found it easy to hear God’s voice.
47) I love Christmas.
48) I tear into presents right away when people give them to me.
49) I find great joy in even little presents.
50) I love the writings of Oswald Chambers and Henri Nouwen.
51) I’m a big Gaither fan. (Homecoming that is, not the school.)
52) Saying goodbye to French fries was one of the hardest things I ever did.
53) Mashed potatoes is my favorite food. And I won’t ever say goodbye to them.
54) I love taking naps with my kids. This is almost phased out with them so I’ll have to wait now to do it again until grandkids.
55) I sang my first special in church when I was four years old.
56) I used to love to sing, “I Wouldn’t Take Nothing For My Journey Now” by Vestal Goodman. I wanted to BE Vestal Goodman.
57) I’m really okay being myself now.
58) My favorite memories of when I was a teen are being choir.
59) I think of my favorite teachers often.
60) My greatest memory in life is my wedding day.
61) Larry and I actually read books on “How to Have a Girl” before we conceived Savanna, and we followed them! (I say it worked, he says it was just God and all that stuff is mumbo jumbo.)
62) If the rapture doesn’t occur first, I want to plan my own funeral. I’m too afraid somebody else will screw up the order of service.
63) I love taking bubble baths.
64) I love Levi’s. I want even more of them. I feel like a person can’t have enough.
65) I love Bealls Outlet.
67) Nothing can make me happier or stress me out more than my kids.
68) I loved being pregnant.
69) I love the newborn phase.
70) I have always found it easy to make friends.
71) I find it hard to keep up with friends, as much as I try.
72) Nothing makes me happier than visiting with friends.
73) My favorite thing of the week is going on a date with Larry.
74) I’m a super affectionate person.
75) I have pet names for everybody and for my kids I have a million.
76) I love people deeply and completely and when I lose them…I fall hard.
77) I love rocking chairs. I think better when I rock and can usually solve a problem faster or be more creative if I am sitting in a rocking chair.
78) I HATE window shopping. I never, never, never go shopping unless I actually have money to spend. Window shopping to me is pure hell.
79) I love helping people.
80) I’m generous to a fault.
81) I like to be a part of helping people make their dreams come true.
82) I’m very Pentecostal.
83) Losing weight was one of the best things I ever did. Keeping it off is one of the hardest.
84) Breaking out of legalism is one of the best things I ever did. Having grace on people who are still in it is sometimes difficult.
85) I wake up and sometimes think, “when are people going to figure out I don’t know what I’m doing?”
86) I love going to the movies. I was never allowed to do it growing up, being raised in a legalistic Pentecostal home. I watch movies every single week now to make up for it.
87) I love American Idol and Lost.
88) Carrie Underwood is my favorite Idol. Ruben is my least favorite. I think Clay should have won and quite truthfully he has done better post-Idol.
89) I love Simon.
90) I am a serious student of finding ways to improve my marriage and keep things hot.
91) I love the New Living Translation and Message Version of the Bible.
92) Romans is my favorite book.
93) Serving God and people is pure joy to me.
94) I love just laying around and cuddling with my husband and kids.
95) I hate to sleep alone.
96) I have to have some solitude at least a little bit every day and either read, pray, think, dream…
97) I love Court TV. I especially love Nancy Grace & Star Jones.
98) I love packing and hate unpacking.
99) I have to have my drinks with ice. Preferably in a glass. Never in a can. Never in a plastic Tupperware-like cup. Eeeek!
100) I love being as loud as possible.

101) I don’t like mean people.


Anonymous said…
LOL! I don't mind the slurping so much (it's annoying, but I can deal!) - what makes me shake and leave the room is when people scrape their teeth against their fork. OUCH!! Hurts my ears :o).
Unknown said…
I am very challenged at math too. Your not the only one. I don't know I made it through high school but I did. love you.
Anonymous said…
I have thoroughly enjoyed reading this one! I can relate to a lot of these... and I was laughing because some of these things I knew about you. Not a lot of them but some! I seriously wish that we could have been closer friends! Love you! Thanks for being YOU!

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