What's right with my world...

So many times we want to look at what's wrong with the world, particularly with our personal world. Like anyone else, I face trials and as a matter of fact I'm in the midst of one right now. But I've learned at times like this it's much more beneficial to look at all that's right rather than what is wrong. So right now I'm going to do that. What's right with my world?

1) God loves me. This is enough to get a person through anything, I've learned.

2) My husband loves God with a passion, but after that he gives me everything he's got.

3) My kids love God.

4) My home is a refuge for me.

5) I love our church.

6) I am so blessed with so many people I love in my life...who also love me.

7) My bed is REALLY comfortable. I mean it's so comfy it will put anyone to sleep in 2 seconds.

8) I am able to follow the plan of God for my life.

9) We are serving in a HEALTHY church. This makes up for most anything in the church I might get upset about at any given time. There's a lot to be said for health.

10) My kids are musical.

11) I have three sets of china. Need I say more?

12) When I get stressed I can soak in my hot tub.

13) I enjoy a Tampa Bay sunset on most days unless I'm preoccupied with something else.

14) I have so many wonderful women friends in my life.

15) I'm blessed with having a lot of Bibles. It amazes me how some peopel don't have any.

16) God just keeps opening doors for me. More about that later...

There's so much that's right with my world, come to think of it.