Quote for Today

"If you are not living on the edge, you take up too much room." 

My prayer is that God will give me courage to live on the edge. I recently heard it said that courage is running from failure to failure with enthusiasm. I have more than enough of my share of failures, and most of the time keep my enthusiasm, so perhaps that means I am developing into a woman of courage. I hope so.

I want to do something great, and I know it's impossible to do something great and worry about being safe or 100% right every time. 

I am not ready to blog about details of this yet because they are not finalized, but in the coming months I am going to be embarking on something that quite honestly is not safe, is not predictable, and will put me in a situation I have never been in before. It's something completely new, and something that has the potential to be the most life changing thing I've ever experienced. 

I'm not afraid. I'm ready to live even more on the edge.