Day Two Inspire Conference

Well, my session was this morning and went well. I'm really hard on myself, so I'm always analyzing the heck out of whatever I do. Sometimes something can be a blockbuster and I don't even know it. They were responding well during the message and many talked to me afterwards to tell me how it impacted them. One group wants to buy the Intimate Woman books and make it study for their women's group. Always blesses me to hear that this is changing lives and marriages.

Again, the whole morning was a class act from all these people working the Inspire Conference. They treat their guests like gold. You don't so much as have to carry your own Bible or even walk to your hotel room alone.
Had lunch at a place called Salsa with Pastor Sandy and her leaders. And also Vicki and Teri Yohe. Had a WONDERFUL conversation about "next level" things that I'm going through right now and how to navigate these waters of growth and change. God knew I needed this, not only for me to be here to speak a Word into these women's lives for the weekend, but also, there were a few people here who needed to speak into MY LIFE. God is good. Personal ministry happens for me sometimes when I least expect it.
A word in due season is...invaluable.

The hand of the Lord was also mightily upon me in feeling good while I was preaching. No pain. Through HIS POWER, doing HIS WORK was possible. Thank you, Jesus.