10 things right about today

1) We cleaned A LOT. Our garage...getting rid of about 10 garbage bags of stuff from Savanna's room...and so much more. Areas that have needed some major attention that we just don't have time for on a regular basis. It feels good to have a lot of this conquered. 

2) I rode my bike at sunset. Some new flowers have sprouted since my last time out there. Beautiful pink and red.

3) It was an absolutely beautiful day here in Tampa. Positively gorgeous. 

4) My Mustang is clean inside and out (yeah, took time for that today too)...even went around to various little smudges and worked them out by hand. Now if I can just not park under trees so much.

5) I didn't overeat at all today. Not even this weekend for that matter. 

6)I'm feeling stronger moment by moment. Thanks Jesus...thanks doc for the meds!

7) Tomorrow is church and we're expecting a great day in the house. Although a few key families have told me they'll be away...no matter...God will be in the house.

8) Finished a work manual this past weekend. Sometimes I feel like I'm the manual queen. But I think I tend to do them pretty well. 

9) All my clothes have been washed, dried and put away.

10) Despite my crazy schedule, I still made time for ME this week.