Move with the movers

"Jesus spent the maximum amount of time with those who would bear the maximum amount of responsibility. Even though he fed the 5,000, he spent most of his time with the 12. Even with the 12, he had the inner circle with Peter, James, and, John. Paul, in the book of Galatians, calls Peter, James, and John "pillars of the church” because they were the ones who would bear the maximum responsibility. " Rick Warren

Today I was doing some leadership reading and came upon an article by Rick Warren on church growth. He was talking about moving beyond growth barriers in the church and talked about "loving everybody, but moving with the movers" as he calls it.

I have come to realize that part of pastoring, growing, dealing with criticism, moving forward, etc. is simply in keeping the right focus. Many people fail because of broken focus. There are always going to be challenges, plateaus and criticisms. Part of moving beyond them is taking things with a grain of salt...generally loving everybody, while steadily moving with the movers.

The longer I pastor the more I realize you can't apologize for moving with the movers, you just have to do it.