It's Valentine's Day!

This morning I woke up to a card from my husband on my dresser with a message saying the following ~ “I love you more each day. I can’t imagine a more perfect woman to share my life. [he could have stopped right there, but he didn’t!] As our love deepens with time the sparks glow brighter, the kisses get sweeter, and the days and nights just get more fun. I’m so happy that you’re my valentine, not only because of the great things we’ve shared from the start but because our love only keeps getting more wonderful. Happy Valentines day, I love you forever and ever and then some…Larry.”

[ahhhhhh! After reading this I had second thoughts about coming into the office!] But we did…dedicated working people that we are. When I got to my office I saw that he had surprised me with a bunch of balloons.

What a darling he is.