Fantastic weekend

The marriage conference Fri/Sat went well and one of the nice -- and unexpected -- parts was that Larry and I actually got some alone time together. We had a whole lot to do as far as going over things and setting things up but we still had time. Whenever we are at another church or event ministering - either he and I, or me by myself - the priority is not socializing or things for us, but the main thing on the agenda is doing a great job for whatever pastor or church has invited us, and putting our 100% focus on that. So normally I have little time for anything social. But this was an exception as we had a few hours of "us" time.

We had some time at the hotel by ourselves Friday (and not just late night, which was especially nice.) We also had a 2 and 1/2 hour break before the evening vow renewal service, and since Greg had another wedding to perform across town, Larry and I went out by ourselves. We went to the mall and ate a nice quiet dinner together and just talked a long time. And he helped me to process a few things I've been dealing with the past few weeks. How beautiful. :-) There's just nothing like being with the one I love. 

We came home from the marriage conference Saturday night and geared up for Sunday. The morning service went well - four people got saved! It doesn't get any better than that - except when a lot more people get saved. :-) 

Sunday night our "Extravagant Love" night with the ladies went great -- we were filled to capacity. We had more people come than we expected. We already had a great sign up, but even more when showed up besides that. Michelle and Erin did a wonderful job of sharing and I don't think there were many dry eyes in the house if any!

I just love these great weekends...dear Lord...keep 'em coming!