Every once in a while I like to...

1) Do karaoke. Always with someone - better yet, a pack of people.
2) Re-evaluate my life, schedule, goals, dreams.
3) Stay in bed all day.
4) Call a friend I haven't talked to for a really long time.
5) Leave my hair curly.
6) Wear a really odd color of nail polish.
7) Be silent. 
8) Sit on a covered balcony in the rain.
9) Go on a date in the middle of the night.
9) Laugh so hard I fall off my chair 
10) Travel by myself.
11) Read fiction - but not very often, just every rare once in a while...
12) Go skating.
13) Take a nap with one of my kids.
14) Go to a church where no one knows me.


Ditto on numbers 8, 9 and 9a!

Ok question on number 12...ice skating or roller skating?

If roller skating...
Old school roller skates are inline skates? I'm a happy product of the 70s and it's all about the old school!