10 things I love

1) I love it when I finish a big project and get it off my back. It usually feels like I have birthed a child. Well, I just finished such a project about 10 minutes ago and I feel...incredibly relieved and happy with my work. 

2) I love it when the house is clean all at one time, every single room. Happens rarely but when it does it's cause for an incredible celebration, or at least a latte! 

3) Speaking of that, I love latte. 

4) I love it when I am discipling someone and they make huge strides...perhaps there is no greater fulfillment. 

5) I love taking a bath in my big tub.

6) I love photos

7) I love palm trees.

8) I love it when all the laundry is done.

9) I love Tivo

10) I love the Gaither Homecoming Tour.