10 things I appreciate when I'm sick

1) My rice bag heating pad - you put it in the microwave and heat for a few minutes and it smells good and also stays hot for a long time.

2) Coca cola

3) The comfort of my bed.

4) Tylenol PM

5) When Larry comes and sits on the side of the bed and talks to me and just holds my hand for a while or rubs on my back/shoulders.

6) When my son Jordan prays for me. He has such faith and his prayers are often answered. He has always been the one I call in to pray for me when I get sick.

7) If I don't have a headache and can handle it, I like to watch TV a little and catch up on things I've been too busy to see.

8) Popsicles - preferably grape

9) Chicken noodle or rice soup.

10) Listening to worship music or a healing scripture tape.