Tennessee Today

Today has been a wonderfully paced day. Like I've said before, I'm gearing way down these few weeks to gear WAY UP the next year. This year is going to be an INCREDIBLE NEXT LEVEL...I AM SO WAY SERIOUS, ANYONE READING THIS CANNOT EVEN BEGIN TO REALIZE HOW MUCH.

Today the boys went skiing all day at Ober. Larry and Savanna went to do the Alpine Slide, and...Pastor Lindsay and I went... (drumroll please...) to lunch and shopping. This was after I got up late, ate homemade sweet rolls, lit the candles around the jacuzzi tub, and laid in there as long as I wanted to before getting dressed and ready. When we were done shopping we came back home and had dinner w/Larry and Savanna. Larry made spaghetti which is one of my favorite things that he makes. Tonight is just time for laying around and movie watching. Three more days of paradise before we go back to...oh yeah...paradise! (just "working" paradise added to it...) By the way, I do miss the rest of the staff members mucho grande, but I am having a great time here with those I love.