So beautiful here in the mountains in Gatlinburg, TN. Actually we are staying in a place called Sevierville, where Dolly Parton is from, right next to Gatlinburg. It's so beautiful it's amazing. All of the Christmas lights are still up. Last night we went to a restaurant that a lady here at the resort where we are staying recommended to us. The place was called Apple Barn. When we got there we were shocked. Here it was a Monday night and there were about 50 people waiting to be seated. It's a very popular place. Even with that we only had to wait 30 minutes. While waiting we took some photos. And then hurried inside to get warm. It's about 40 degrees right now. You can see the boys are still in Floridian mode.   I am not sure if this is machoism, craziness, or what? Anyhoo, the restaurant was so worth the 30 minute wait, in fact I'd wait longer to get in again if I went back. I haven't had apple butter like THAT in a long time.

We have a fireplace and a balcony in the condo we are staying in. I love it! I picked up two grocery carts full of food for the week. It's vacation and I will make whatever their little hearts desire even if we have homemade sweet rolls each and every morning, that's what we'll have.