Like Father, Like Son

Two men in my life are driving me crazy. 

Here I sit hours from this outreach. And what am I doing? Trying to find Dustin's suit pants. He lost them. 

Funny, I can't remember ever losing my suit pants, skirt, or jacket - but my guys do it ALL THE TIME. Since I'm the one that always gets their clothes ready, this is VERY STRESSFUL. Tracking down their outfits, their ties, their belts, their shoes, it can be a full time job. And I don't need ANOTHER FT job. I already have two...or more. 

So unless I find Dustin's suit pants I have no idea how we are going to sing together tonight. I was looking for them til 1 am, some of the time in the dark. Why me? Well, he had to get up to leave for school at 6:30 am, Larry had to leave early for the funeral and I'm the last one leaving this morning.

But otherwise, you tell me? Why do I keep doing these things? Because it seems I'm the one in the family that cares about it. 

Any of you people reading out there today, please pray that I find Dustin's suit pants. I have a lot to do today and if I could find them sooner rather than later, it would make my world a lot easier.