I really hope...

I really hope our church keeps growing next year at the same clip it is now!
I really hope I reach my next weight loss goal.

I really hope Whitney Houston really goes through with her divorce from Bobby Brown.

I really hope Cold Stone Creamery keeps their "sinless cake batter" flavor. (it wasn't there last week. WHAT'S UP WITH THAT?)

I really hope my husband stays on weight watchers with me. (He's doing so well. He was a fine man before...but look at him now!) 

I really hope I can be a part of changing many lives in this coming year.

I really hope to be in the best shape of my life in 2007.

I really hope I get enough sleep with Dustin having his own car and all now.

I really hope I make some major strides in writing this year.

I really hope Rosie O'Donnell gets fired from The View and any other network show where America has to put up with seeing her face or hearing her anymore.

I really hope Sawyer and Kate stay together on Lost. If either one gets killed off, I just won't watch it anymore.

I really hope I can personally help more people cross the line of faith this year.

I really hope I can stick closely to my life's mission and vision this year and not be distracted by things the enemy puts in my path.

I really hope the time I'm taking off this year energizes and revitalizes me for a fantastic working year.

I really hope things on staff keep going the same. What a banner year!

I really hope everyone in my life knows how much I really do love them.

I really hope...for so much more. What can I say, I'm a person who believes, hope is not lost!