Breaking through barriers

Well, we did it! Or should I say, "God's doing it!!!" We broke through our next attendance barrier today and had the highest attendance ever in four years on a regular Sunday. (Not Easter, Christmas, Mother's Day, etc.) Yes!!! I told the staff after service and did a little happy dance. 

Larry's message today was, "Miracle on 16235 Lake Magdalene". The theme was obviously miracles, healing, a touch from God. The funniest thing happened today at the altar. One of the older ladies went down on the floor under the power of God and her wig fell off. It was laying next to her. I saw it and thought we needed to put it back on before she stood up. When she sat up I motioned to a staffer, and together we got it back on her head alright. But I don't think she was happy with it, and she ended up pulling it off and just going back to her seat.