Time is ticking away...

Time to crash now but not without counting a few blessings:

1) It's good to be back in Florida...home in my own bed...with my husband! 

2) I'm on track with WW -- and I dropped 1.4 more pounds today at weight in!

3) Reading through Galatians this week, good stuff!

4) I almost have all my initiatives done for the week, which...coming back from a weekend away, is extremely ahead of the game.

5) The weather is beautiful.

6) God is giving me wisdom and peace with every situation in my life.

7) God's grace is sufficient for each day, for every moment, every situation.

8) I stand up for myself more and more all the time - with greater results.

9) I'm learning what it means to be content as Paul said - yet always pressing forward to the prize. I am learning balance.

10) I am committed more than ever to use my time wisely...making the most of every opportunity, minimizing fatal distractions, and maximizing God's power in my life.

I love you Jesus...good night!


Anonymous said…
Great Blog!! Congratulations!!