Why are there Fruity Pebbles behind the sofa?

Yesterday I was cleaning in preparation for a leadership meeting at our home. When I came to clean behind the sofa, I found a box of Fruity Pebbles hidden there.

Why would Fruity Pebbles be behind the sofa?

Being a Mom and knowing my children as I do, I instantly realized, they were there for a purpose. Those Fruity Pebbles were not just there by happenstance. They were there so that hopefully...only the one that put them there would know they were there! The hider of the Fruity Pebbles wanted them all to themselves and was undoubtedly tired of sharing them with others. I have my thoughts on who hid them, but I found the whole thing too humorous to even go there. I just put them back up in the pantry and will let them find out when they go behind the couch, that someone found them.

I got to thinking that many Christians have a Fruity Pebbles behind the couch mentality. Some people think the more they hoard the more they will have...the more they keep the more they will prosper, but that is not really true. The more we give away, the more we share -- the more we have.

The Bible says that what we sow, we will reap, but I've found the law of the harvest is that we always reap a lot MORE than what we sow. That's one reason, other just plain obedience to God's Word, that I want to be an generous sower. I like receiving. And the way to receive more is to be an extravagant giver, no matter what you're talking about. Love, joy, forgiveness, money, clothes, shoes, etc. etc. If you give, give, give, you will receive, receive, receive.

So realize, for this reason...

I will NEVER hide Fruity Pebbles behind the couch. Now a Hershey bar... (no, just kidding!)