Stuck keys...brilliant son

I'm getting ready to leave for a women's retreat in a few moments...I might not blog for a few days unless I get internet access from my all of you who read my blogs might get a rest these next few days...I know you'll miss me! :-)

Writing this is a real labor of love this morning. Last night Savanna Rose decided it would be fun to paint all of the computer keys with white out...not realizing first of all it was incredibly stupid but second, some of the keys are stuck. And don't work. Fortunately, Dustin is a computer whiz and figured out how to rig some of the stucks keys for me so that when you press control and another key, that key works. It's pretty crazy. My son can do everything from jimmy up a stuck computer key to even trace e-mails for me from people who think I can't track them down. (look out...!) ha ha! I'm serious, people wouldn't believe what this boy can do. The C.I.A. should hire him.

Anyhoo, Larry will get a new keyboard today...I think he already has an extra one @ his office. What possesses kids to do things, I don't know...

Ada did my hair yesterday. She always leaves me on a high, both about my new look, and spiritually...what an uplift. We cut a lot off in the back and I'm real happy w/it.

I'm moving slow today...we went out til' late with a missionary couple last night and we could have talked forever. Great fellowship. But  this morning, I could have slept in forever.

I'll be speaking at the retreat this weekend - my seminar is "10 ways to keep your marriage hot! hot! hot!" It seems I'm always asked to do that topic. Got to go finish packing and get outta here...