Ruined for the ordinary

Today, Oswald Chambers devo says: "A Christian worker has to learn how to be God’s man or woman of great worth and excellence in the midst of a multitude of meager and worthless things. Never protest by saying, "If only I were somewhere else!" All of God’s people are ordinary people who have been made extraordinary by the purpose He has given them...God is at work bending, breaking, molding, and doing exactly as He chooses. And why is He doing it? He is doing it for only one purpose— that He may be able to say, "This is My man, and this is My woman." We have to be in God’s hand so that He can place others on the Rock, Jesus Christ, just as He has placed us. Never choose to be a worker, but once God has placed His call upon you, woe be to you if you "turn aside . . . to the right or the left . . ." ( Deuteronomy 28:14 ). He will do with you what He never did before His call came to you, and He will do with you what He is not doing with other people. Let Him have His way." 

This goes with what Wayne Lee Jr. preached at our church service last night. He talked about being extraordinary. It was a great message. He made so many points that are always resonating on my heart...about everything from where we spend our time, to the mandate of worshipping God as He being more than just normal or ordinary. That is the cry of my heart - to not just be ordinary - to not just be some "normal" woman making sure the socks are clean and in the drawers and supper made. Yes, those things are important, I know that. But I don't want it to be my whole life by any means. Those things are just stuff that has to get done in order to do the "real stuff" of life. In other words, it's important for all my family members to have clean socks so we can all get out there and hit the road and do what we are called to do for Jesus. If we don't have clean clothes and food to nourish us, we won't be able to fulfill God's call in our lives...plain and simple that's how I look at it. But the laundry, the cooking, the stuff of life like that is just tactical work that must be done to get to the greater goal in life which is: FULFILL THE GREAT COMMISSION.

I feel like people are forever trying to champion ordinary-ness by making sock washing the fulfillment of a great call. Believe me I've heard many a preacher bring a whole message on nothing but that on mother's day. And sometimes I think, "okay already, but I really don't want to be known at the end of my life for washing socks." Gotta get it done? Sure, but it's not what I live for. And at the heart of it, I don't know anybody that really does deep down inside. I believe everybody deep inside has a heart's cry to make a big difference in the world. I know I do.

I am...forever ruined for the ordinary...and beckoned by the call to the extraordinary.