One Worship Conference

Today is my day off for the most part. I am coming to the One Conference tonight, our youth group (Oasis) worship night... because first of all, I want to see my boys as they lead in worship, and second because I want to support the youth ministry. Of course I want to worship the Lord too, but honestly if it wasn't our youth group and our boys, I'd be taking my day off fully until midnight tonight. And, I'd probably worship the Lord by sitting in my jacuzzi tonight and looking up at the stars - talking to the Lord. :-) There will be time for that later, when I get home tonight. For now, I'm glad I'm here, getting ready to go in to the service and enjoy the evening watching these incredible young people and experiencing God's presence  Can't wait to see what is around the corner next ~ one thing is for sure, we are growing...this family is growing!

I had grandiose plans of all the things I'd do earlier today with my day off...places to go and things to see. But I ended up staying in bed until it was time to get up and come to church. I was that tired. And that's alright - sometimes you just need a day to stay in bed. Today was one such day. I have been physically and emotionally tired and needed to catch up on rest. I'm feeling much better now. Next Friday maybe I'll take time to go to all the places and see all the things I didn't see this week.