Nighty Night

Well, yesterday was my day off and thank God for it because today actually ended up to be a lot of work --- more than I bargained for. I did sleep in but then it took off like a rocket with so much to get done for tomorrow. It was kind of stressful for me because I did a lot more on my own than I wanted to. (Larry did do some things, just not as much as me...I was desperately longing for help. Somehow admist it all I did take time to cook and healthy meal and exercise. I determined...being upset w/people, nor busyness will ever make me fat again.)

I had to pick up the slack of a few things that were done wrong this past week at the all that stuff...pick Savanna up...make it to an appt...go to the store and pick up cups for class tomorrow (they ran out and no one took the initiative to replace them or even tell me, so thank God I checked)...bake some goodies for my class...return some phone calls that had been waiting since Thursday...finish cleaning, ironing, prepping for tomorrow (actually it's already tomorrow - I'm writing this at 1 am.) I finally finished everything but one initiative item on my list this week...I missed completing everything by one but that will be my first line of action Monday AM. Or maybe tomorrow night after church. So much to very much.

Wow, I'm glad I had that day off yesterday. So glad no one can imagine how glad!