Monday musings

"We see His glory on the mountain, but we never live for His glory there. It is in the place of humiliation that we find our true worth to God— that is where our faithfulness is revealed." ~ Oswald Chambers

God shows me time and again how the difficult places mold me into who He wants me to be. Reading this devotional today reminded me again of why it is so important to stay ever close to Him. Being in ministry is an up and down rollercoaster all in one day, all the time. You hit a snag of wonderfulness and two seconds later you can deal with a serious problem.

Last night at the Women's Ministries About Face night of ministry, one of my leaders asked me, "How do you handle the people's problems? How do you shoulder all these burdens?" I told her that it is not knowing or hearing people's problems that is difficult. Although I hurt for and sympathize for people (because we are family), I do not feel "taxed", upset or overwhelmed that they have shared them with me. I am honored to walk through the journey of life with them. Hearing about people's problems never bothers me. The people BECOMING a problem is what wearies me. I explained this to her and she understood immediately. 

It's not helping people through their problems that is wearing on a leader. It is when they become the problem that is wearisome, and difficult to shoulder at times. I think if I did not have to deal with that factor, I could pastor forever and a day. In fact, I know I could. The good thing is, when dealing the rollercoaster, we are not alone, not the first nor the last - every pastor faces it, grows, learns, changes, and hopefully - instead of quitting - becomes all the greater of a leader. I know I am committed to do that.

It's Monday and I'm zonked once again. Mondays are always so tiring. I tell myself every time I'm going to do something of significance on a Monday night but I usually end up collapsing. Tonight I'm going to sit in the jacuzzi with Larry and then go to bed a little early. As far as work goes I'll have energy to perhaps do the dishes tonight (maybe not) and that'll be about all. I am not even up to working on the computer which I normally crave ding but right now I don't want to concentrate. I don't even want to have to read something challenging...perhaps just some easy read like a women's magazine.

It was a busy weekend. I was on my own on Sunday because Larry preached in Davenport. It was a good day, in fact a great day, but I'm tired.

Right now I'm in the mood for change (once I get some rest) and I am ready to embark on a new adventure. So we'll see what tomorrow holds.

Things I'm so grateful for today... 

1) A great About Face Night last many women said they were incredibly blessed and I heard some things I've been praying to hear for 4 years now. My heart took a leap forward. 
2) My heart is knit together with certain leaders in such a way I feel together, our team is unstoppable. 
3) I'm growing to a new point in my life since I turned 40...of being more resolute with doing what my heart tells me to do. Everyone said this would happen. Amazing how it does and I tried my best to stay away from stereotypes, but here I went... 
4) Dustin is amazing me more every day by what God is doing in his life. 
5) Jesus loves me, and I know it. And no matter what, that gets me through every day with a smile on my face.