It's been a long time

Oh how long it's been since I have seen the autumn leaves in all their glory. But I am getting a great taste of it this weekend, and we're on the road a lot back and forth for things so I really am getting a wonderful dose of the kaleidscope of color that fall brings in the north east. Do I miss it? Yes, at times. But I would not trade my life in Florida for the world. That is home now. Not just in my geographical surroundings, but my heart is with the people there who are not only my missionfield, but those I love as family.

Sleep, glorious sleep. That is what I had last night. Count it, all 11 hours of it! That's what happens when I come here. I know I am away from work - away from my normal routine - and there's nothing I can really do about anything back there so I might as well REST. One thing I love about coming here is that when I do, I catch up on sleep. My inlaws take good care of me and allow me to rejuvenate. They know the busy life I lead and they always want to help me. Speaking of that, Dustin and I are getting ready to go to the golf course and have some of Mom's good off we go, to the Bowie Golf and Country Club which is "home" to us too.