Random thoughts about me

Random thoughts about me ... 

I am crazy about books, especially non-fiction. 

My new favorite thing is Zumba. 

I really like coffee and tea. 

I like passionate people. Even if I don't like their views, I would rather be with someone intense than someone phlegmatic. Eeuk! 

I thank Jesus every day for caller ID. 

Sitting in my jacuzzi is my favorite nighttime pastime, except being with Larry. 

I don't know what it's like to not be creative. 

I like wearing colored nail polish because I think it's bolder. 

I believe in making a statement in everything we do, even if we don't say a word. 

I love suddenly feeling the anointing. 

You Alone is probably the worship song that has been so much a favorite of mine for so long.
I love listening to James Taylor and rarely get tired of him. Tonight I was listening to Your Smiling Face in the car and it still...gives me a smile on my face. :-) 

I love that every day is a brand new day to discover more about God's love, grace and beauty.