Kaleidoscope of things...

Today was colored with purpose, projects, mundane things, important things, all kinds of stuff. Blending together to make as good a day as any. First, I love it when a message comes together. Mine did today, for 2 Sundays from now. I'm preaching a message on Sunday, October 1 called, "Don't let anyone talk you out of it!" It's about Ruth. It's going to be power packed. The more I study it, the more I hone it, the more I go over it, the more it is like a FIRE shut up in my bones. I am ready to quit studying it because honestly I keep getting more things the deeper I dig into it, and it could be a 2 hour long message if I keep going and looking for every single angle in this text, so I need to stop I guess and just pray. I have had the message churning for a long time but it just came out on paper today. A powerful day...we are in for a powerful day. But lest I skip ahead........

This Sunday will be a blockbuster. It's our friends day. We have been working hard on it. Today we finished taping the video announcements and Pastor T edited them. They turned out great. We watched them a few times and laughed our heads off. I did a lot of stuff for Friends Day yesterday and spent most of today working on messages and then we went to lunch with the Deal's. In between all that I had to run over to Careview and get my yearly mammogram. It's not a major deal to me, I don't freak like some people but it's not the most enjoyable thing, let's put it that way. And unfortunately a little piece of dust got on the film of the most uncomfortable x-ray and they said, "come back in and redo it..." That's all I wanted...to get my breast flattened like a pancake again and smushed in between two plastic things that feel like they just came out of the freezer.

"...it's cold," the tech says.

"Well then why don't you keep it warmer in here?" I'm thinking. Maybe if this room didn't feel like the arctic, the plastic thingy wouldn't feel like one of the plates they give you to eat your salad off of at the Olive Garden.

Just a thought. If I ever gave people mammograms, I would put a fireplace in the x-ray room...

I worked late tonight and then went straight to Zumba. Probably 10 people I know from church were there tonight. It's a lot of fun, it really is. A hard workout. Worth 8 weight watcher points. That's what I love most. I can come home and eat some light chocolate brownie ice cream. :-) 

I was ready to crash after Zumba but decided to do all the grocery shopping on my way home, for the weekend, for our young adults gathering, newcomer's night, and then some side things for my family. I have just a few hours off this week (tomorrow morning/afternoon) so I want to make the most of them. Jordan cleaned the house tonight so I have little to do in that regard. He wanted to go surfing tomorrow so he did whatever we needed him to do. Larry wants to watch The Sentinel but I am way too tired and just want to get in the hot tub and then go to sleep. Not too tired to spend time with him in bed...but too tired for a 2 hour movie. I know I'd fall to sleep.

Time to get in the tub and get in the most comfortable bed in the world...mine. I haven't even read Oswald Chambers yet, so now's my time.