You thought I was kidding?
My product review of Zestra

I said I was going to do this.

I'm sure everyone but my loyal readers who know I have the courage or the lack of wisdom to do this thought I was joking.  )

Why has it been so long between my promise to do this review  and my actually doing it?  Well, not "it".  I mean, the review of course.  Silly people...I have slept with my husband since then.   It's just that I kept forgetting to order my free sample box of Zestra.  When I did remember, I didn't have my bank card handy.

Bank card?  Isn't this a free box?  Well, yes.  But you do have to pay the shipping.  I paid like $4 for it or something like that.  So I know, you're dying to know if it's worth it.  Others of you are clicking to remove your subscription from my blog right now.  Caio!

About a week ago I finally remembered to get out my bank card and fill out the order form to get my free samples.  I forgot all about it until I came home from church Wednesday night and found this plain brown package sitting on the table.  Nobody sends me anything in plain brown packages.  Then again I am not ordering sexual enhancers all the time.  The packaging was very discreet and suddenly I realized what it must be and tore into it, all excited.  Yes, my very own Zestra "rush" as they advertise was  now possible.  

In case you're wondering, I'm not going to give you a total play by play here in this review.  Seriously, do you think I'm that far gone?  Sheesh!  Here's a discreet summary from me, sharing why I believe this product is valuable.

For me the  greatest thing about Zestra is the expectancy.   Opening the little packet and dabbing it on causes you to be "expectant"  [notice I said expectant, not "expecting".]     I had read all about the supposed "rush" -- so I was waiting for it.  Soon I was thinking about sex with my husband and not about how many phone  messages I had to return or what I didn't have ready for the Sunday service yet.

A few of my friends have mentioned to me how excited they are/were to try Zestra.  All of them are in my age range, with an overwhelming amount of responsibilities between marriage, kids, work, ministry and everything else.  Some are going through peri-menopause but quite truthfully the majority of us are probably more exhausted and pre-occupied than we are hormonally challenged.  We want more intimacy in our marriages but some need additional help getting there these days with all the other things clamoring for our attention.  

So what are my reactions or recommendations concerning this product?

Well first, please realize that it's made of essential oils.  When they say oil they literally mean oil.   One needs to be prepared for this when you open the packet because it doesn't slowly come out of the packet - it pours out just like...oil.  Because it is oil.  In fact if you aren't prepared when you rip the packet, it will just spill out onto the nearest thing.   Don't have it near any clothing or where it can drip on something you don't want to have an oil stain on.  I'm not sure if it permanently stains but I don't want to find out.  (I'm not saying I won't use the product again, just that I'll be careful not to get it on my clothes, etc.)  If I could change anything about this product I would want it to be a little thicker consistency so you wouldn't have to worry about it just spilling out.

Second, don't be expecting an orgasm in a box.   In case you've heard nothing about it yet, it's a liquid product for women made of essential oils that is designed to be topically applied and it's intensity peaks at about 5-10 minutes after you've applied it. This is an arousal oil.  It does it's job in giving you a little "tingly" feeling as I would describe it, but please keep in mind, this is not a "fulfillment" oil - it's an "arousal" oil.  It may give you a little help to get things started but you do have to finish it.  :)   I wouldn't describe it as a rush so  much as a tingle. 

Third, I think it's a great lubricant.  You could replace whatever you are using with this, and not use two products if you didn't want to.

I believe Zestra will be helpful to many women and is a really good product, all things considered.

To get your free sample box of Zestra go here.  Please know, I am not being compensated in any way for this review and am writing it independently.  It's important to get the word out about this product especially since most of the networks have refused to advertise Zestra, and even facebook pulled their ad.  This is very disappointing in light of the fact that Viagra and Cialis ads abound.   There is definitely still a double standard when it comes to sexual matters.  A woman's health and fulfillment is every bit as important as a man's.   Women can help by speaking up and by spreading the word to their friends.   Our women's relational networks are very powerful, even more powerful than the TV networks when we harness the power of them.


Melissa said…
ok as soon as I saw the title I thought, oh this is gonna be good! :) I love you! I love your boldness and courageousness to just put it out there the way you do! LOVE YOU! Think I might just give it a!
Give it a whirl"

Oh my, I don't know why but I'm laughing so hard right now at your choice of words. :) Love it.

Thanks for your feedback.

Hey if everybody in ministry talked about these things like we do and actually gave them a whirl, we'd have a lot less moral
Melissa said…
Ya know I didn't even think about what I wrote :) now that I have reread it...LOL!!! You are right, we as women and as leaders need to start speaking up and out more often to those around us!
Anonymous said…
As long as we're letting it all hang out here....another great product specifically designed for women who are trying to conceive is called "Pre-Seed." Just Google it - you can't buy it in stores.

It's a fallacy that women who are my age or younger don't need a little "help" now and again, but most lubricants that they sell in stores can hinder the process if you're trying to get pregnant. Not sure if that's the case with Zestra or not.

The only thing is - you have to remember to order it. So it's all about planning ahead.

[Which, by the way, is NOT a bad thing! Most of us are too busy to rely on the spontaneous "must have it now; can't keep our hands off each other" moments that we see on tv.]
Thanks for the tip, pastorleanne. I am past the season in my life of conceiving, however, I do minister to plenty of women who are trying to get pregnant and will pass this info along.

And you are right -- planning ahead is a wonderful thing.