The real story behind the song, "Christmas Shoes"...

The other day my friend, Pastor Leanne Weber, blogged here about the song, "Christmas Shoes" with a funny quote she read on the blog, "Stuff Christians Like", which is a great site I like reading myself...

I have some thoughts on sad Christmas songs, and in particular the "Christmas Shoes" song...

One thing I really don’t understand are morbid Christmas songs. Christmas is such a beautiful, happy occasion. I think it a big strange that some people write sad songs about it. What would you say if you walked into my office and I was sitting at my keyboard and you said, “Pastor Deanna, what’s up? and I said, “Oh, just sitting here writing a song about my Grandmother getting run over…” You’d probably think, ‘how sadistic!” or “wow, she really does need a vacation.” Can’t imagine anything funny about my grandmother dying as she was/is my hero, but apparently some people find a Christmas song about Grandma getting run over by a reindeer to be funny…I never quite got the humor in this song.

I don’t understand some Christmas songs such as:

“Blue Christmas” by Elvis – you have to take an extra Prozac after listening to this.

“The Everly Brothers” Christmas Eve will Kill You ((Evidently for the people who didn’t take the Prozac)

John Denver – “Daddy, please don’t get drunk this Christmas” (can you think of any sadder Christmas plea?)

"Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer" – basically a song about a deer who is being bullied, mocked and ridiculed. If he were here today we’d give him a copy of Frank Peretti’s The Wounded Spirit. Yes, I know he got to guide Santa’s Sleigh and all that but I’m sure the poor deer still has emotional scars.

And I know, I know – many people love it but I truly don’t get the “Christmas Shoes” song. I skip over it on the radio, because it makes me needlessly sad. There are so many things about this song that don’t add up. Here are just a few I can think of, including but not limited to:

1) Heaven has it’s own storehouse of shoes. If there are streets of gold, and pearly gates, don’t you think God has already hooked us up with shoes? Besides…

2) Who buries people with shoes on? That’s a waste of perfectly good shoes. Every casket I’ve seen is closed at the bottom.

3) Aside from that, either somebody wasn’t doing their job teaching theology in this kid’s Sunday School class or he never saw the Thief in the Night or Left Behind series. We don’t take anything out of this world into heaven with us. The clothes stay behind. Clothes…shoes…razors in the sink…it all stays here when you die or are raptured.

4) He said, “could you hurry sir, Daddy says there’s not much time.” That means Daddy’s at home and this kid is out at the store by himself. First of all, what kind of Mom (even a dying one) lets her little boy out to roam the dark streets at night? I know she was sick, but still…the Dad should have known better, too even if his wife was on her death bed. Did he want to lose a son, too? This may have been something for child protective services to keep a watch on since this dad would be taking care of this kid 24/7 soon after the Mom died.

5) Why wouldn’t a boy whose Mom has only a few hours to live want to spend the last precious moments out running around looking for shoes instead of staying with his mother?

6) The little boy was obviously a believer. Being a believer, he would have had a church. Somebody in the women’s ministries could have run out and gotten the shoes for him while he stayed at his Mom’s bedside.

7) If she’s “been sick for quite a while” as the song says, he and his father knew this was coming already. This was nothing but a case of male procrastination in not getting these shoes earlier and now they are wanting the rest of the world to feel sorry for them.

Okay, I’ll stop there because I don’t want anybody to think I’m male bashing, but truth is truth here …these guys waited until THE LAST MINUTE for these shoes when they had “QUITE A WHILE” in their own words, to go out and shop for these shoes!!!


Tara Sloan said…
"Who buries people with shoes on? That’s a waste of perfectly good shoes.Who buries people with shoes on? That’s a waste of perfectly good shoes."... Okay D... that line made me choke on my cereal because a huge laugh was trying to come up as I was swallowing... this post needed a warning label... too funny... "Don't attempt eating while reading...."
Love you girl!
Anonymous said…
Oh my gosh...this was too much! Thought I'd have coronary laughing myself silly. What a belly laugh! Thanks I loved it! I agree, needless sadness, we probably all have enough already. Love to you all...see you soon!
Thank you my dear friends...I am glad I gave you something to laugh about.

Janice, I can't wait to see you...I am counting the days. You have NO IDEA.

Love you