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Lifetime Intimate Portrait ~ Lisa Currie

The next "special person" in my life I want to introduce all of you to is Lisa Currie.

Lisa has been my friend ever since Larry and I came to pastor Northside Assembly. She and her husband Bernie are very involved in our church, and our lives outside the church too. They love us so much, they even moved into our development! Yes, we just live right down the street from each other! We also have kids of approximately the same ages so this lends itself to our families spending time together as well.
Lisa is also someone who helps me as an armor bearer at church services and events. She's really great at it. I think she was born for the job, although it's just one of her many gazillion talents. We have worked together in pulling off many events - weddings, open houses and other stuff. We often joke that if she lost her job with MacDill and the church decided to kick me out we would just open a catering business together. Actually I think we would do really well. Every year I have a big open house for our leadership at Christmas time. After about the second year, I saw I was out of my mind to try to do this without Lisa's help.
I also owe my hairstyle to Lisa. She introduced me to Ada and now I can have cool hair, just like her. It's one of the many things I'm deeply indebted to her for. When I am sick, she also comes over and brings me Coke and takes care of me while my husband galavants around the neighborhood and leaves me. :-) Okay, here we go with our interview with the lovely, Mrs. Lisa Currie ~

Lisa, tell us a bit about your family...
I have been married to a wonderful husband for 21 yrs (in May 07). We met in Sacramento, CA at a church we both attended. We have 3 terrific children, Chris, 18; Emilie 13; Ashley 11. Our family loves to go on vacations together and spend time with relatives as well as our many friends we have gained throughout the years. We really do love each other very much, even though at these ages sometimes it is difficult to detect at times.
Tell us about your home...

We currently live in a suburb of Tampa, FL, since Oct 2006. We live on a golf course, a lake, and a conservation area all in one as well as a pool-we are truly blessed. The kids have their own bedrooms finally. My son is grateful to not have to live in the garage anymore as he did in our previous home. We absolutely love where we live. It took us many months to sell our home and so we really appreciate what we have. We love having friends and family over as well as enjoying quiet evening as home with our kids on the lanai or watching American idol. My husband and I have about a 45 mi. commute each way to work, but its worth the drive to live where we live.
Yes, Lexington Oaks is a wonderful place to live, I agree. How blessed we all are who live here. And the best part is being near friends like you. So, where do you work and what do you do?
I work at an air force base in Tampa, FL as a contract specialist for a government contractor out of Alaska. My job is never dull to say the least. I manage construction projects, beginning to end, cradle to grave as they call it for work to support the efforts at the base. I deal with many types of people on a daily basis from Generals, base commanders, contractors, construction workers, as well as military men and women who either have been deployed or who might be getting ready to be. I manage projects that range from $4,000 to $5,000,000 and can last anywhere from 1 day to 15 months to complete. I love my job, that is, if I have to have one. I would however rather be a stay at home mom!
Before I ask you the next question, I just want to point out you are a great Mom even though you are not a SAHM, just for the record. You handle all the roles in your life amazingly. Okay, so tell us how you came to know the Lord?
I was adopted at 10 days old so I remember very little prior to that. I was raised in a wonderful loving Christian family whose sole strength was the Lord. My parents, both preachers, held small pastorates while I was younger and I have terrific memories of those times. Although terrific now, I’m sure we had our struggles, but doesn’t everyone? Anyway, if I remember correctly, I was about 7 yrs old when I asked Jesus into my heart. I remember being in the church every time the doors were open and most often ending up at the altar, even as a young child. That’s just what you did. I believe I was about 10 yrs. old when I rec’d the baptism in the holy spirit. I’ll never forget that service, the preacher, the music, or the changes brought to my life from that moment on. All I can say is wow! God is just a Wow kind of God!

What type of things are you involved in at the church?
I am currently involved in many areas of our church. I am married to the Christian education director and a board member, so obviously I am somewhat involved there whether it be actions, or attitude; either way there is a representation. I am a co-teacher in Sunday school for the primary-jr ages, both boys and girls. That can get crazy but it is also a lot of fun. I serve on the Eagle’s Women’s Ministries team at our church. I have no idea what my “responsibility” is because we all just do whatever we have to do to get the job done. We have regular meetings for planning and prayer, not to mention food, we have many special events which require a lot of coordination, involvement from others outside of the team, as well as keeping the women’s Sunday school class flowing if our assistance is needed. Basically the women's Eagles leadership team is a special forces command run by a bunch of crazy ladies who love the Lord, each other, our church family, and our wonderful illustrious leader.

How long have you known Deanna?

I have known Deanna since their arrival at the church. I think that is 5 ½ yrs, but might be slightly off. Time just flies by these days.

So, why do you keep hanging around with her?

You know, sometimes I ask myself, "why does she hang around with me?" Life would just not be the same without time spent with her. One never knows what the “hot topic” might be. Could be sex, politics, church growth, marriage, parenting, friendship, or the latest joke told in a staff meeting. Deanna has such a keen insight into life’s situations. She is rich in wisdom and wit which never seems to cease. So basically to not hang around with her is to miss out on life, a laugh, a cry, or just a hug. Why would anyone deprive themselves of that?

What do you like best about her?

Sorry, there isn’t just one. 1) Her humor. She is so funny. She can appreciate good humor and gets all of us, including herself going into good belly laughs all the time. 2) Her ability to relate to others. She is so comfortable in her skin and with others as well. She makes everyone feel loved. She never comes across as “the pastor”, although her very presence commands respect. She can be in any environment and not be intimidating. I have never known another “pastor or pastor’s wife” like her. (He’s pretty cool too!) She just doesn’t fit the mold from past decades. She is off the charts. 3) Her passion for Christ. It comes out in everything she does and says. She loves people to Jesus everywhere she goes. She doesn’t just tell our congregation to do it, she as well as her husband set the example for us to follow. 4) Her passion to make a difference for Christ. She wants to rock the world for Christ. She is off to a really good start. I really didn’t think there was anyone still out there like this. She really lives her testimony. Very real!

What do you like least about her? If she would change just one thing, what do you wish it would be?
(Do I really have to do this? Ok, I know you really want me to share this but please know I really do love you... )

She has very high expectations (that isn’t all bad), but sometimes, when we do everything we need to do and then step back and let the Lord do what He wants with what we have done. I think she forgets this sometimes when things don’t work out according to “her” plan. But it’s God’s plan that sets it into motion to begin with. Hmmm. Well, I think she “sometimes” only sees things from her perspective and isn’t willing to budge very often when approached. Sometimes good, sometimes bad. She’s kind of high strung too, but that’s kind of fun to watch at times because others don’t always notice it.

(Don’t even think of asking me about the above. I won’t even admit to writing it later!)

Lisa, is there anything else you want to share? Serious? Funny? Other?
No, I can’t share that! She might write it. I know her, remember?

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