Thursday, October 26, 2006

Cars and women have a lot in common

Cars are just like women matter how beautiful they are they can still make you SO MAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Okay, okay, I'm a pastor to women but let me tell you sometimes they can still tick me off. Sometimes I ask...."why God, couldn't you have given me something easier, like being a pastor of media (nothing to get mad at but the computer), or a pastor of the elderly (they are too old and tired to give you any trouble?) But never-the-less, I am a co-pastor who focuses primarily on the women of the church. I do love my ladies, with all my heart. But sometimes some of them can act like cars.

Right now I am so ticked at my car I could just scream, except I don't want to ruin my voice. It's already a little bit raspy and I have to sing at my sister's wedding. So I won't scream. I'll just throw something.

Okay, so I have an absolutely beautiful car sitting in the driveway (that means the world to me because of the long story behind it - another blog) but it won't start so it does me no good. Sort of like one of those women in the church who are beautiful on the outside, but just sit on the pew and don't do anything and therefore they don't do you or God any good. God has so many plans for much for them to accomplish, so many places for them to go. But no matter His intentions, His divine destiny for them is never accomplished because they WON'T START! And one thing's for sure you will never finish something you never start.

I have an agenda list a mile long today to get done before my trip. I was all ready to attack the agenda and went out to leave and the car is dead. It was dead yesterday and Larry cleaned off the top of my battery because it had some disgusting stuff caked on there, and he thought that was all that was wrong because it started again yesterday. But then today it's dead again. Which brings me to my next point. Sometimes women can start one day and then konk out on you the next. (Yes, I'll hostess that table for the women's luncheon. Fast forward to a few weeks before the outreach..."oh, did I say I would hostess that table? sister is coming into town from New York, I can't do that...we're going to Disney" "Yes, I'll pay for that event I signed up for..." "Uh...did I mention something's come up and now I can't...?" "Yes, I'd be glad to teach Sunday School..." "Uh...I didn't realize how hard this was going to be to get there that early on Sundays..." Start and stop, start and stop. 

So my car needs a battery I guess. Nothing to stress about long term. I mean, it's just a matter of buying the battery and putting it in, but that doesn't help me right now this moment. So I called Larry frustrated about this and he said, "don't worry, we'll get everything accomplished after I get home." Okay, so the problem with that is, I'm trying to CRAM about a list that would have taken me all day into the evening, PLUS take Dustin out for his birthday. How this is going to work...well, basically some things are going to have to be let go and I am going to go on my trip with some unfinished business. Which doesn't make me happy because all the way there and back I'll think about what did not get done, what should have been done, what could have been better, but will not be -- all because a simple car did not start.

What must God think when people do not start? I guess perhaps He thinks about what the person did not get done, what they should have done, what could have been better, but will not be - all because a simple person did not start. 

People and cars DO have a lot in common, don't they? I've always said about women...when it comes down to it, you'd better have more than what is on your outside. A car can be sleek and shiny on the outside but if the battery is dead or the engine shuts down it won't get you anywhere. Just so, a woman can be picture perfect on the outside, her hair and nails can be perfect, she can be at her ideal weight, she can be super model quality but if she's got nothing inside underneath the hood, she's not going anywhere for God, that's for sure. So they might as well just take a good picture of themselves and remember how they looked in their glory years because one day none of that will mean anything. I don't know about everyone else, but at the end of my life I want to have more than a good manicure to show for my days. I want my legacy to be something SIGNIFICANT. 

So my prayer is...God, help me to always START and always have what it takes underneath...deep inside me... to reach the destiny that you have for me. I don't want to be like a parked car in the driveway -- I want to be like a beautiful car, racing down the highway full speed ahead - with people going, "oh my word, what just went by? THAT WAS AMAZING...and I want to follow it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Woo hoo!!!

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Lynda S. said...

((HUG)) I hope you're having a better day. I left something at the office for you and Pastor Larry. I think she was putting it on his desk, but there's probably more in there for you. :O)

Lynda S.